Submitted papers:

  1. Optimal contact center staffing and scheduling with machine learning (with Siqiao Li and Qingchen Wang).
  2. Waiting-time distributions in call blending models (with René Bekker, Petra Vis and Bartlomiej Zaber).
  3. Cost-optimal call center forecasting and staffing (with Sihan Ding).
  4. Outsourcing and reservation; tools to manage blended sales and services operations in call centers (with Benjamin Legros and Oualid Jouini).

Refereed papers:

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Other scientific papers:

  1. A simple solution for optimizing weekly agent scheduling in a multi-skill multi-channel contact center (with Siqiao Li and Oualid Jouini). Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference.
  2. A method for estimation of redial and reconnect probabilities in call centers (with Sihan Ding and Rob van der Mei). Proceedings of the 2013 Winter Simulation Conference.
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Publications in the professional literature:

  1. Posts at WFManagement blog.
  2. Errors in Erlang97 Excel add-in module/Fouten in Erlang97 Excel add-in module (with Karin van Eeden and Edwin van der Hilst).
    Telecommerce Nieuwsbrief week 4, 23 January 2013.
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Popular-scientific articles:

  1. Over wiskundig modelleren en call centers.
    Nieuwe Wiskrant 20(3):8-12, 2001.



  1. Call center optimization.
    MG books, Amsterdam, 2013.
  2. Optimization of business processes.
    Lecture notes.

Editorial work:

  1. Special issue on call center management.
    Management Science 54(2), 2008.

Press articles:

  1. Zwaarder geschut op planning nodig.
    Telecommerce Magazine 06, 2011.