Submitted papers:

  1. Implementing rapid cancer diagnositics (with Anne van der Werf, Sonja Zweegman and others).

Refereed papers:

  1. An adaptive priority policy for radiotherapy (with Siqiao Li and Xiaolan Xie).
    To appear in Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, 2019.
  2. Flexible bed allocations for hospital wards (with René Bekker and Dennis Roubos).
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  6. Implementation of internet treatment for depression and anxiety in routine mental health care: Results from a naturalistic study (with Robin Kenter and others).
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  8. Optimal outpatient appointment scheduling with emergency arrivals and general service times (with Paulien Koeleman).
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  9. Improving CT scan capabilities with a new trauma workflow concept: Simulation of hospital logistics using different CT scanner scenarios (with Korik Alons, Marcel Dijkgraaf, P.H.P. Fung Kon Jin, C. van Kuijk, L.F.M. Beenen, and Carel Goslings).
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  13. Modeling the emergency cardiac in-patient flow: An application of queueing theory (with Arnoud de Bruin, Bert van Rossum, and Marieke Visser).
    Health Care Management Science 10:125-137, 2007.

Other scientific papers:

  1. A comprehensive simulation modeling of an emergency department: a case study for simulation optimization of staffing levels (with Karim Ghanes and others). Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference.
  2. Appointment scheduling using optimization via simulation (with Paulien Koeleman).
    Proceedings of the 2012 Winter Simulation Conference.
  3. An evaluation of a Shockroom located CT scanner: a Randomized study of Early Assessment by CT scanning in Trauma patients in the bi-located Trauma center North-West Netherlands (REACT trial) (with 13 others).
    BMC Emergency Medicine 8(10), 2008.
  4. Bottleneck analysis of emergency cardiac in-patient flow in a university setting: an application of queueing theory (with Arnoud de Bruin and Marieke Visser).
    Clinical and Investigative Medicine 28(6): 316-317, 2005.

Publications in the professional literature:

  1. Kwantitatieve methoden voor zorglogistiek (with René Bekker).
    Part 2 of Logistiek in de Zorg - P2 Capaciteit en Aanbod, LogiZ, pages 79-122, 2011.
  2. Grootte van Zorgeenheden (with Arnoud de Bruin, Ben Nijman, Rien Caljouw, and Marieke Visser).
    Zorgvisie 37(4):29, 2007.
  3. Logistiek in de gezondheidszorg: Een bedrijfskundige benadering (with Jan Jurriens).
    Technologie in de Gezondheidszorg 22(3):5-7, 2006.

Popular-scientific articles:

  1. Op tijd naar het toilet door data-gedreven capaciteitsplanning (with Dennis Moeke and René Bekker).
    To appear in STAtOR.
  2. Ehealth verhoogt efficiëntie en kwaliteit van gezondheidszorg.
    Reformatorisch Dagblad 24 February 2011, pages 7-8.



  1. Methoden en modellen voor zorglogistiek (with René Bekker).
    MG books, Amsterdam, 2013.
  2. Optimization of business processes.
    Lecture notes.

Editorial work:

Press articles:

  1. Sneldiagnose kanker: Hogere wiskunde in de zorg.
    Synaps 76:14-15, December 2009.
  2. Pilot met diagnostische zorgpaden van start.
    VUmc Tracer 10:7, 4 June 2009.